Monday, July 9, 2012

Turbocharged Triple Threat

Congratulations to our new neighbor, Michael Andretti, for his team's third straight win on the IndyCar circuit behind Ryan Hunter-Reay.

Hunter-Reay's impressive streak is amazing in itself, considering the tough competition in these competitions.  But his wins somewhat resemble a triathlon as they occurred in three different disciplines. 

The venerable Milwaukee course, in the middle of the Wisconsin State fairgrounds, is a traditional flat oval.

The newer Iowa course is a banked oval, requiring a different method of driving and passing.

Toronto, like Baltimore, is a street race. These are much different than the ovals, particularly when passing.

Hunter-Reay has another distinction -- he's the first American driver in six years to win three in a row.

So things are really looking up in the Andretti paddock as we count down to our own major production here in Baltimore.  Hard to believe, but construction on the race course will be starting in three weeks!!

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