Monday, July 23, 2012

A Key Endorsement

It's an election year, so we'll be hearing a lot of endorsements from elected officials from now til November.

But the one printed in the Baltimore Sun this weekend, from Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee, is a valentine to the Andretti marketing team who saved the historic "Milwaukee Mile" after it had been dropped from the 2012 IndyCar schedule.

In his "Letter to the Editor", Mayor Barrett (who is seen here beaming as Michael Andretti announces plans for a 2013 race in Milwaukee) assures Baltimore they are in good hands with the Andretti team promoting their Grand Prix.  He relates how they resurrected the Milwaukee event with very little lead time, and assures Baltimore supporters they can do the same here. 

"A successful race event provides immense civic pride and identity, in addition to showcasing your city to television viewers across the country and around the globe," Mayor Barrett observes.

"We've been there, Baltimore, and we can say you're in good hands with a legendary and tested team leading you to the starting line," he continues. "We know first-hand that with Michael Andretti and his team in your corner, the same success awaits Baltimore."

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