Monday, July 23, 2012

Those Folks in Fluorescence

Note:  This is another in the "Safety First" series.
Here at Camden Yards, safety is a 24/7 priority -- 365 days of the year.  That is how often our campus is accessed by the public.

It isn't enough that we provide security.  It is of paramount concern that those who visit and work here know the facilities are safe and the premises are under patrol and surviellance at all times.

This can only be achieved through feedback, which is what we do with our tenants.  Every year, our partner Central Parking has a "thank you" coffee and doughnut event in Maryland Square.  Our monthly parkers and other tenants are invited to express their thoughts about our services in the survey taken at that time.

Last year, some of the respondents remarked that they didn't always feel the presence of our security force because they couldn't SEE them in their professional blue uniforms.  They simply blended in with the surroundings, or didn't have anything identifying them so others would realize they were there for protection.

It was an observation the MSA Security Department took very much to heart -- and immediately addressed.

Now Tenable Protective Services, seen here on patrol and manning the front desk and cameras, wear vivid iridescent shirts that can be seen the length of the Warehouse. 

This particular shade of lemon-lime glows like radioactive Gatorade, so there is no mistaking the security forces for pedestrians, loiterers, or tourists.

All well and good in the summer months, you may think, when shirts are visible.  But what about when they are covered by coats?

Yes, we thought of that too.  When the shirts are covered, their jackets have Day-glo orange stripes on them so they are still highly visible and identifiable as security personnel.

When you come to Camden Yards, even when it is very quiet and seemingly deserted, you'll see these officers on duty.  In fact, you can't miss them.  If we could black light the campus, it would look like a jar of lightning bugs.  Or a trip back to the 60's.

In any case, we want our guests to know they are being protected, and those fluorescent shades provide the visual assurance they need.

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