Thursday, July 5, 2012

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night . . . . .

When the dastardly derecho struck Camden Yards late last Friday, fans had already safely departed.  But our friends and neighbors at Dempsey's were still cleaning up, so they had ringside seats to the wrath.

Many thanks to manager Crissie Evans and her staff for sharing the photos they snapped during and after the storm.

This is the sidewalk cafe outside Dempsey's.  Tables and umbrellas were the first to go.

Recycling bins and railings were not far behind.  At this point, the portable stands were still in place.

However, it was not long before they started moving too.  The horizonal hurricane packed winds of 70 mph in some places.  It wasn't clocked on Eutaw Street, but that corridor is breezy under the best conditions.

 The beer cart  sustained some injuries but fortunately beer wasn't one of them.  The Bird is still smiling, so we know this means no DL or rehab in Bowie. 

Beer was back in business by game time Saturday.

The sausage got a pretty good stuffing, though.  Not sure if it was from a collision with Flag Court or a gusty sucker punch.  Fortunately the fence was there or it could have landed on second base.

Despite the mayhem, MSA crews were able to have Oriole Park and its popular promenade back in operation in time for the Earl Weaver celebration Saturday afternoon.

Kudos to the best clean-up hitters in town!!

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