Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Generating Jobs -- the Warehouse Way

Governor Martin O'Malley stopped by the Warehouse today for his favorite occasion.  No, not another O's victory (always cause for celebration,) but to announce the creation of 335 new health care service jobs.

Generating these jobs is our long-term teammate XL Health.  XL has been a Warehouse tenant since they were hatched in 1997. They've literally grown up with us.  And "grow" is the operative word here.

Their recent merger with insurance giant UnitedHealth Group will expand XLHealth’s chronic care management operations.  This allows them to bring new services to Maryland residents with Medicare coverage.

About 250 of the new employees will join the HouseCalls program, which provides in-home visits and health condition assessments to Medicare recipients.   XLHealth provides Medicare Advantage plans to more than 100,000 people -- in a segment of the population that is growing exponentially.

(Did you know someone turns 65 every 8 seconds? Scary thought for one who's been hearing the clock tick for awhile.)

XL is also committed to helping clients with chronic conditions and ongoing health needs. The remaining 85 new employees will work with the company’s pharmacist counseling program, which helps members of UnitedHealth Group’s Medicare Advantage program follow instructions for taking their medications.

Maryland values the biotech, health service, and life science sectors that provide so many career opportunities to our residents.  We are blessed with internationally recognized hospitals, medical schools, labs and research centers.  Health care service providers and benefit coordinators like XL Health-UnitedHealth Group are part of this cluster, and good corporate neighbors as well.

UnitedHealth Group CEO Stephen Hemsley unveiled their initiative with Port Discovery to prevent childhood obesity through exercise and wise nutitional choices.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and developing good health habits early in life is much better than seeking treatment after years of neglect.  Port Discovery is a place to make this learning experience fun.

So it was a good day for one of our favorite tenants, and for Maryland as well.  Congrats to XL and their new family, UnitedHealth Group.  You are making Maryland a much healthier place to live.

If you are interested in employment opportunities, go here:

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  1. Even if I’m not from a place nearby, I still consider this good news. The growth of XL Health isn’t theirs to celebrate alone. I’m pretty sure many people who need jobs and are capable of working in a health-based industry are rejoicing. 335 slots would mean a difference to the revenue and economic growth of their local government.

    Saturnino Walmsley