Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Catching the Spirt(s)

Our good friends at Press Box featured Sports Legends at Camden Station as their cover story this month.

Whether or not you believe in spectral sightings, the adventure of two sports fans camping out in historic Camden Station for the night is entertaining and educational.

Many visiting the sports museum (and they come from all over the world) are unaware of the tumultuous history surrounding the old railroad station.

The first blood of the Civil War was shed there as federal troops from Massachusetts marched through town bound for battle.  Irate citizens of Baltimore, who booed and jeered as they hoofed down Pratt Street, started throwing rocks when they reached Camden Station.  A riot ensued, shots were fired and casualties (including civilians) occurred on both sides.

Then there was the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, which occurred when the B&O reduced wages for railroad workers by 10%.  The strike actually started in Martinsburg, but the outrage soon hit Baltimore.  Federal troops and the Maryland National Guard were brought in to stop the destruction of Camden Station and the tracks stretching to the Gwynns Falls (just beyond M&T.)  Parts of the depot were burned, and equipment damaged.  There was at least one fatality and several casualties when the National Guard fired into the crowd.

Camden Station was also a makeshift morgue during the war, and where Abraham Lincoln's cortege stopped on its sad journey to Springfield. So it is understandable why ghost hunters might sense an interesting cast of characters.  Anyway, it's a fun read.

There's also an interesting story written by Tim Richardson about the Orioles' efforts to bring the 2016 All-Star Game to Baltimore for the 25th Anniversary season of Oriole Park.

This event would be a major economic boon to the region, and our opportunity to shine yet again.  We were very happy to hear the O's are pursing it. 

Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Can you tell me where you found that particular image of the Railroad Strike riot at Camden Station? I am a professor working with a student on a digital project and he could really use that image!