Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Conserving Resources, Tracking Trends

Oriole Park is not the only stadium in Camden Yards attuned to meteorology.  Now M&T has its own scientific weather station. 

You can see it extending from a black bracket attached to the brick above the cherry picker.  It's the little white thing, about the size of a ceramic insulator.  That's Bobby Brauns of LMC, our landscape contracter, who just finished installing it.

(Please note Bobby is wearing a safety harness.  We play by the rules around here.)

While our weather station won't tell us when to carry an umbrella or give news on the 8's, it performs a number of environmental duties for stadium operations.  It has a remote sensor that communicates with the irrigation system to let it know when and how much to water.  It also records rainfall and maintains records of barometric pressure, humidity and temperatures.  It alerts us when ice (a major hazard) is forming.

Limiting irrigation not only conserves water, but the energy consumed by running the system when it is not needed.  The installation of this weather wizard before summer will help us realize savings immediately.

Tomorrow, Bobby and his team will be back -- this time to install more of those grasses and perennials that help retain soil, prevent erosion, and filter runoff.  Our environmental efforts continue.

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