Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monstrous Preparations for June 2nd

Grave Digger and the rest of the Monster Mashers won't be here until Friday.  But this kind of bodacious bash requires a lot of preparation, and the advance team has already been deployed.

In anticipation of the 4:00 am arrival of the dirt convoy, the heavy artillary is on standby.

Earthmovers have been mustering all day.  By 3:00 pm, there was enough equipment outside M&T to build another ICC.

But it's no mere road they're gearing up for-- It's the dreaded "Path of Destruction."

Of course, playing pattycake with a bulldozer on a football field is not the only thing necessary to transform a stadium complex into a motor sports speedway.

The Monster Truck event begins on Saturday afternoon with a pit party for fans to meet the drivers and admire their steeds.  This takes place on Lots B and C, and of course refreshments will be served.  Which means stadium operations will distribute trash and recycling receptacles along with crowd controlling barriers.  They were being placed late this afternoon.

Tomorrow, the dust will fly when the dump trucks unload about 3,500 cubic yards of dirt on the field, which is protected by a plastic membrane.  The"shapers" who sculpt mud moguls and other obstacles are real pros.  Their designs are computer generated, and a crew of eight will work for 18-20 hours on their course.

They were about half way through the process when this picture was taken last year.  The dirt was still being nudged into shape when these wreckers were added to the course. 

By the time they finish, this field will have every tacky lawn ornament short of a pink flamingo punctuating the course.

And if you are already gasping at the thought of what  this does to air quality, be assured water vans periodically spray the course to keep dust settled.

Much as I love on-site reporting, the 4:00 am procession of dump trucks and bulldozers will perform their wizardry without me.  I'll be back online when the vehicles themselves roll into town.  It's not unlike the pachyderm parade down Pratt, but without need for a bucket and shovel.  Who could miss that?

The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Path of Destruction is just about the most fun a family can have -- particularly with the youngsters, who just can't get enough of the action.

Tickets are still available, for the event and the pit party beforehand.

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