Monday, May 28, 2012

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Planning . . ."

Marco's wheels came off in Indy yesterday, but for the Andretti team it's full throttle here in Baltimore.  The green flag is now waving.

As promised, tickets for the 2012 Grand Prix of Baltimore are on sale at Ticketmaster.  We visited the purchase site and found the following:

Yes!!  Tickets are finally on sale!

For the time being, the course layout and access looks pretty much the same, although there is a disclaimer saying this will change.  We've heard they will add additional gates to the course.  One will be at Turn Ten, where access to the watering holes last year required a trip up Pratt Street and around University Hospital, causing immense distress to drinkers and docs alike.

Ditto for Little Italy, where an added gate keeps pizanos close to the action and accessible to fans.

The ticket site also promises that reserve seating will go on sale July 15, so it is possible the map will change by then.  Among the tweaks under consideration are adding pedestrian bridges and removing chicanes on Pratt and Conway Streets.

(Chicanes are artificial anomolies in the course that forced drivers to slow down before they crossed the tracks, like the one on the right.  Evidently, the drivers weren't keen on the precaution.)

Perhaps the best news coming out of last week was that Race On managed to acquire the concrete walls built for this course.  Race walls are special order items, and take months to create.  After just one use, they are still structurally sound and should last over the length of Race On's contract with the City.

We also hear there should be some announcements coming shortly about race sponsors and partners.  With just three months until the teams hit town, we anticipate Grand Prix of Baltimore is going to be making news regularly.

And keep waving that green flag . . .

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