Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Colorful Characters of Camden

We have a great neighborhood here at Camden Yards, with lots of interesting visitors to be seen from the Warehouse Window.  Sometimes they look back, as you can see.

Working one Saturday last October, I was taken aback with the steady stream of ghouls congregating at Camden Station.  It seems the Geppi Entertainment Museum (one of the most fascinating places you could ever visit) was having a zombie jamboree of some sort. 

Part of the celebration was an extreme makeover session where aspiring zombies had decorative designs added by a resident stylist. Then came a zombie parade down Camden Street. 

After a few hours, I adjourned to my favorite watering hole, only to find the zombies had multiplied and were occupying all the barstools.

Zany, perhaps.  But part of the multi generational fun you'll find at Geppi's.

Of course Geppi's is not the only museum with dynamic displays and activities in Camden Station. 

On another Saturday, there was an even more diverse gathering at Sports Legends, the museum associated with the Babe Ruth Birthplace a few blocks away.

Sports Legends has events all the time, from discussions with sports heroes to press conferences and opening historic exhibits.

But this whimsical -- and family oriented -- hoedown is the annual Meet the Mascots soiree.

Such local crowd pleasers as Testudo (Maryland), Doc the Tiger (Towson), Louie from Bowie (Bowie BaySox), True Grit (UMBC Retriever), and The Eagle (Coppin State) joined newcomer Wild Stang (Stevenson) and the Bad Birds of Baltimore (Poe and O) at the popular museum.

Of course, every once in a while you see someone strolling out of Camden Station that doesn't seem to fit either category, like this early morning visitor who was on his way to Washington last March.

We knew in advance he'd be coming, but can only imagine how the regular MARC commuters reacted.

(He'll be back again in 2013, on the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.) 

The historic railroad station witnessed a lot of activity when the Civil War broke out, but probably none more poignant than when the fallen President passed through one last time as his funeral cortage took him home to Springfield.

So while we never know for sure who might be dropping into Camden Station at any given time, we've learned not to be surprised.  And sometimes, you'll even find us there getting into the fun . . . and history.

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