Monday, May 7, 2012

The Dude with 'Tude

Even before the 20th season at Camden Yards began, the O's announced the return of the chirpy cartoon character who graced their caps during the 70's and 80's.

It was he who welcomed fans on Opening Day, smiling from the vertical banners outside Camden Yards and the giant video board inside.

However, the off-season enhancements to Oriole Park included a number of murals and decorative flourishes around Eutaw Street and the concourses.    It was on these walls we got our first look at his alter-ego.

Not exactly Angry Bird (although he'd probably make a good video game) but more like  . . . well,

 Ballbustin' Baltimore Bird  -- scourge of AL East.

In other words, our affable avian has made this his year to show a new, in-your-face, facet of his personality -- The Dude with 'Tude.

Wander around Oriole Park and you'll be reminded this is the Bird that takes no prisoners, gives no quarter, and keeps fighting (even if it takes17 innings and a DH on the mound) til it's done.

Today our Birds fly south from Boston to open another home stand.  They are 19-9 on the season, in first place in the AL East with the best record in MLB.

So if they seem to have a new edge to the performance, maybe it comes from all those reminders around the Park. 

This is the Year of the Bird, and a time to celebrate at Camden Yards. 

(Unless, of course, you'd rather watch
"60 Minutes.")

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