Wednesday, May 16, 2012

As The Bird Flies . . .

Look at what popped up on Eutaw Street!  Now if you wonder where those franchise fledglings, those O's of Tomorrow, roost, this is all the direction you need.

If you fly, of course.  Distance is calculated by how The Bird gets there, and he doesn't fight traffic on I-95.  So you might want to tack on a few miles if you rely on GPS.

Speaking of The Bird flying the coop, he recently took off on a goodwill mission to his winter quarters in Sarasota (listed here as 893 miles away.  That's a lot of flapping.)

From there, The Bird glided to Gainesville to personally pitch Sarasota's bid for the Florida High School Athletic Association Baseball Finals — previously hosted at Ed Smith Stadium before construction caused the tournament to wing away.

We can only guess The Bird made a good impression, particularly after whistling at the administrators.  So hopefully, Sarasota and Ed Smith Stadium will welcome this high school classic back in May 2013, 2014 and 2015.  Who can resist The Bird?

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