Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So Gallantly Streaming . . .

Camden Yards is, among many other things, a showcase.  It is upon our stage that many people see Maryland, perhaps for the first time. 

While the airport might get more visitors a year than any other state property, you can't top us when it comes to eyeballs.  The presence of Major League and NFL teams guarantees that more people tune in to our campus than anywhere else in the state.

So when we have the opportunity to wave the flag (literally and figuratively) for our state and its proud heritage, we are happy to do so.  And we have since January 1st this year.

2012 is the Bicentennial of the War of 1812, a struggle that nearly cost American its hard-won freedom from British domination.  Here, it is remembered for the gallantry of the citizens of Baltimore as they joined with the militia and small army to defend their home from invasion by forces that had just burned Washington.

It was during the battle at Fort McHenry that a young lawyer from Frederick, watching the relentless shelling that rained on the fortress all night, was inspired to write his thoughts as he saw the American flag still flying.
The 1812 Bicentennial will bring two years of celebration, educational opportunities, and activities to Maryland.  So Governor O'Malley asked state agencies to fly the replica flag in commemoration.

For us, that meant raising the flag over the Veterans Memorial (above) starting in January.  The success of the Ravens, bringing a nationally televised playoff game to Baltimore a few weeks later, gave us yet another opportunity (left) at M&T Bank Stadium (which the network generously mentioned during the broadcast.)

Our teammates, the Orioles, also provided recognition on Opening Day with the colors being presented by reenactors from Fort McHenry, and a brilliant display of the 15 star-15 striped flag behind the singer of the National Anthem. 

The Orioles have also very generously produced a video presentation about the commemoration, which will be presented later in the season.

Replica flags are available to the public here:  http://www.fwhaxel.com/     For more information about the War of 1812 and the events taking place in Maryland, visit their website at:  http://starspangled200.org/

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