Monday, April 9, 2012

Ode to "The Lady in Red"

It's hard to say what I enjoyed most on Opening Day, but exploring Dempsey's Brewpub was near the top of the list.  Newly opened in the Warehouse fronting Eutaw Street, the beautifully appointed sports bar/lounge/restaurant is a nostalgic indulgence for even the most casual fan (or folks of A Certain Age.)

Much of the decor represents the personal memorabilia of the eponymous Rick, particularly this tribute.  This paean to a cherished friend was composed by by Rick himself (and yes, I did ask.  He could even recite it.)

The "Lady in Red" is, of course, Memorial Stadium.  The original Orioles nest still holds a special place in the hearts of Baltimoreans, and this wall art brings back many memories.  (As did the vintage baseball cards from years past.

Of course, Dempsey's is not the only place Memorial Stadium lives on in Camden Yards.

Among the many enhancements made to the complex in the years since Oriole Park opened is the solemn Veterans Memorial, in Maryland Square between the stadium and Lee Street.

The curved marble facade displays the original letters from Memorial Stadium, dedicating it to those Marylanders who gave their lives in military service.  The urn with soil from foreign cemeteries, originally housed in the stadium, is on the left side.

Some of us here at the Warehouse keep our own memories of 33rd Street closer to us.  Despite being surrounded by bricks, we found a place for one more. It always brings a smile to visitors' faces when they see the distinctive font that was created for one architectural purpose. 

The Lady in Red.  Forever in our hearts, too, Rick.

Note -- While Dempsey's Brewpub is currently a game day operation, it will eventually be open year round as a sports bar, restaurant, and general hangout for those who love sports, Baltimore, or just enjoying the ambiance of Camden Yards.

You should come see the baseball memorabilia.  And share your own memories of The Lady in Red.

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